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Jonathan whistman

As an International Best-Selling author he has helped thousands of companies build winning sales teams by helping them harness the power of human potential.

His own companies have been featured on CNN Money, have won the GEW Top 50 High Growth companies’ designation, and achieved the SXSW Top 5 Award. He has taught at Harvard’s Innovation Lab teaching high potential technology companies how to sell and market their ventures. When not working he enjoys long-distance backpacking, motorcycling and reading about human nature.


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“If nothing changes, then nothing changes.
— The Sales Boss

You can’t just wish for things to be better on your team. While the above quote is “simple” so are most of the things needed to go from ordinary to extraordinary performance. Do you need to change the way you hire? The way you compensate the team? The way you approach the market? The way you utilize technology? If you are committed to winning, then by default you must be committed to change.

I believe you believe that.”
— The Sales Boss

Perhaps nothing is more powerful than belief. If you want to be a leader that gets results then recognizing that the beliefs your people have are real to them. If they aren’t performing at their best- then they have what they believe is a valid reason not to. You can’t dismiss their belief, only seek to understand it and then provide evidence of the value to them of questioning that belief. This concept runs deep in The Sales Boss book and it holds the power to unlock the potential of the people on your team.

Nothing happens until someone sells something!
— The Sales Boss

Being in sales is an honored profession. No vacations, no homes, no cures for disease…nothing gets done until somone sells something. Sales fuel our dreams and our economy. When done authentically it is rewarding and enjoyable. Just like any career, if you choose to be in sales- then commit yourself to improving and becoming a master.

“Sacred Rhythms.”
— The Sales Boss

The best teams are like Jazz Clubs. When you do it right, growing sales is simple. Read the book.