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With a guaranteed rate of improvement for your business, The Sales Boss Team provides a full stack experience as it paves the way to maximize revenue, highlight what you have created, and as a result change the lives of those that get to participate. The combined experience and talents of the Sales Boss Leaders is a value that is hard to compare.

Jonathan Whistman


As an International Best-Selling author he has helped hundreds of companies build winning sales teams by helping them harness the power of human potential.

His own companies have been featured on CNN Money, have won the GEW Top 50 High Growth companies’ designation, and achieved the SXSW Top 5 Award. He has taught at Harvard’s Innovation Lab, helping high potential technology companies learn how to build sales capabilities.

Jonathan wrote The Sales Boss when he recognized that most companies struggles come not from a lack of selling skills, or having a great product but rather from ineffective and poor sales leadership. The fastest and greatest impacts on results come through getting the sales management function right. BOSS is an acrony for the four levers a sales leadership team can use to create results: Behavior, Outlook, Skills and Stature.

A solid book and one idea can really set things on fire for your sales organization. Pure gold baby, pure gold!
— Rob Kirk